Dirty Little Habit | Don’t blame me if you gonna throw up

Today i’m gonna share a lil bit disgusting experience. If you feel uncomfortable, you better don’t read it.❌

There’s a reason why i named my senior high school gank : Wet Bottom. Most of us used to gather in bathroom. When we have diggest problem, one and each other feel responsible to accompanied to the girls bathroom. Even sometimes we had chit chat between the doors. And sometimes too, it takes too much time until the school bell was ringing and we have to stop pooping although we had have not finished yet.

That’s where WB came from. And they had agreed.

Diggest problem, Bladder problem.. I have all of those. Unfortunately.

Every time when i go around in public, i always fear that i will have sudden diggest/bladder attack. It turns into anxiety and panic disorder and affect my body even more. Tbh i hate when people make it as a joke or share my dirty weakness in front of every body. Anyway, now i share.

FYI guys, anyone who laughed at me, i didn’t do it on purpose. There’s something wrong in my body.

On 2014, my first 2 weeks marriage i feel so bad. I couldn’t control my bladder and it felt so painful when i peeing. I checked to the gynaecologist and he said that it was Honeymoon cystitis.

But then after i giving birth to the baby and a year and half later i still can’t control my bladder. Furthermore when i did a long journey or using plane (transportation always makes me worry, but this one is the most terrifying). Some months ago i went to the traditional massage and trying to healing this with a very experienced old woman. And her hand is magic!

That’s for the bladder. Right now, when i write this, i suffer “muntaber”.

And this is something that you didn’t want to hear:

play it with high volume.😄
ps: the sound comes when i inhale and press my stomach in the same time, and louder when i exhale


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