Love is Support, Support is Trust.

I love you, dad. But can I have my own decision.
I don’t wanna live without you, honey. But how can I bury my own passion?

Quite often I come across circumstances when I am in two minds about a situation. Conflicts between my emotion and my reasoning, sometimes the unending battle with differed perspectives and the general notion of right and wrong weaken me. My parents, who nurtured me since I first opened my eyes and saw the first light, heard the first sound, cried for the first time, have developed a sense of apprehension about my choices and decisions.
They do love me, but they fear that i can’t live independently. My gender and the general regressive preconceived notions associated with my gender put them in doubt. I don’t blame them at all. A quick glance around the society tells us how drugs, promiscuous sex and adultery are rampant in the society. And I as a mother, would raise several doubts too when my child is growing as a part of the same society. But these apprehension and doubts are a reflection of their own uncertainty about the quality of their parenthood. I believe that my parents did a wonderful job in my upbringing, and if they had been aware of this then they would have certainly showed more confidence in me and trusted that I am on the correct track.
These circumstances are not specific to me. Ask any guy or a girl in their twenties and we will certainly get to hear different versions of the same circumstances. It is ironic that after all their efforts to ascertain a good upbringing, like sending their kids to good institutions, paying tuition, buying books, etc, parents quite often, out of their own apprehensions, stop their kids right at the point where they are just inches away from realizing their biggest dream.
At this point, I sit back and ponder whether it is correct on my part to ditch the people who love me unconditionally and go for my dream. Will it be selfish? Or do I owe for their love and instead should stay close to them? At such crossroads, I usually hope that someday they will agree, support and trust me even it’s too late.
It gets more complicated when similar circumstances are given birth to by spouses. It is exponentially much more complicated in such a case.
Because once they say, just stay here.. You definitely have to stay.
No bargain. No compromise.
One thing that i can conclude. Love isn’t only about a bunch of romances, obviously. But we have to put our trust on the one we love. And be trustworthy wherever they are. Love is support, support is trust. Without trust, love is empty.



PS: Thank you Sajid, for being my editor.



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