If I Were Maia Estianti or Ana Abdul Hamid

Me, if I don’t trust someone, or if someone betrays me..

I don’t wanna deal with it. I prefer prepare everything to make my self an independent woman, and silently run away.

I know, woman know the rule how to be a good wife. Don’t think that I’m to silly to compare two things.


No matter whether you ugly or pretty.

Whether you wild or obey.

Whether the distance let u far, or still close all night long.

Whether you can’t cook, or you just can work.

Whether he’s a religious person, or never think about God.

Whether he kiss you, kiss the children, laughing together.

He just cheating because he wants it.

HE WANTS IT. like a drug, disease, unstoppable, undeniable.

But He won’t do, as strong as he loves u. (Only few guys did this)

Maybe man is hiding much more than woman. In many cases, he assumes it is better to make us fool. In fact, we keep silent not because we don’t know your secret.

We keep silent because we let you assume that we know nothing.

Woman’s feelings,particularly wife, are non Logic-based theories. But stonger than your heartbeat, closer than your blood, clearer than your eye.

Let me know if you are bored. Empty. Disagree. Angry. Disappointed.

Better than you hide.

Because we (woman) know. But we just keep silent.

So, if I were her…

I don’t wanna live with that kinda person.


About desisonia

pahamin bahwa smw org punya masa PASANG-SURUTnya. ada kalanya compang-camping, ada kalanya flamboyan. Tgantung kita bsa nerima keadaan yg spt ap... View all posts by desisonia

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