I follow my dream

Hi, welcome to my blog again! This time i’m gonna tell you about my short term plan. As an earlier young married couple, me and my husband have no house to live yet. Now i live in my mother in law’s house. But from the first time he proposed me, he promised that we’ll be an independent couple whose has our own house in the couple of months. Cuz i didn’t ask manything for dowry, but i really insist for our own lifetime home.

Well, after a month, we’re looking for new house. I don’t care if we rent it for a while during we find the exact home. Actually, it’s more difficult than i thought. Many things have to be considered such as it’s environment, long term circumstances, and the most complicated thing is PRICE.

LOL. Anyway.. We won’t talking how much my budget to build house. Pathetic. 😀

So, instead of drowning in uncertainity, i prefer to do something that help my dream a bit. Thus, using Autodesk Homestyler to designing my dream house and use corel draw.

From some house which i observed, I have one little house that stays still in my mind, it’s not a new house indeed. But it has no owner and (i don’t know how to process it) but it needs no Down-Payment (DP). A good one, but still need some renovations.

So, i’ve fixed that one… like this:

originally created by desyonk and supported by Corel Draw X6

originally created by desyonk and supported by Corel Draw X6

Honestly, i have no idea about painting, colours, how to mix it become a cute one. At least i’ve tried. So if somebody has a better clever idea about colour or anything else, freely tell me, i’ll be thankful.

Surely it’s just a little house…

We don’t have anything in start, but we have lots of dream to be followed. 🙂

Salam lincah.


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