Dear Past..

Dear Past,

I’ve already forgiven all my insanity to trust the wrong person. And i’m glad there’s another silly girl that quite desire for that position. I can’t believe it. Even when i throw it to garbage, she took it! She doesn’t even know that wasn’t recyclable garbage.

Dear, cherie, i know u read this. I know exactly how u feel. Some people pretends as if they know bout ur feeling but they’re not.

But i really really understand.

Feel like in hell, scare, worried, like you’re not the only girl that your garbage has.

It’s normal.

as a woman.

But the matter is, you’re too easy too deny ur logic. You know it hurted but u still hold it. Why? Did u lose “something”,huh??? :/

I don’t blame you. Both of you.

Dear Past, my Present is thankful to u. It’s such a beautiful path.

Au Revoir !


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