Lifetime Demands

I don’t know what kind of wind that lead me to posting this unimportant matter. Indeed! I just watched Harry Potter 5 movie and and saw entertaning scene and i captured it into a comic. Maybe those are some kind of Meme Comic, am i right?

Well, there’s too many demands of our life. People want us to do this, parents want us not to do that. Everything around us, sometimes, are asking us to be whoever they want.

Especially in the moment when you have gathering with your lovely family, friends, etc. They will ask many thing about you, because they care, curious, or something else – i don’t know. Not all of those questions is comfortable to be answered by us. Confess this. In fact, you didn’t want to answer it. Cuz if u answered it, there will be ton of further comments!! So scary. Haha

PS: When you see this, imagine that this picture is the real you. Express their feeling. LOL

1.       Title: Tingkat Akhir

semester akhir

2.            Title: Nganggur


4.         Title : Bujang Lapuk

bujang lapuk

Don’t take it seriously…. This is just for fun. Brought to you by an idea mixed with photoshop originally created by this author – but i just too lazy to put a watermark – hey, is that important?? You don’t even know there’s no number 3, do you?

But…. yeah, we have to realize. We live in the world that people could comment, criticize, and so on. If you’re feel bullied, please just don’t. As what Katty Perry Said,

“you don’t have to feel like a waste of space, you’re original, cannot be replaced.”

are u motivated enough?

Not yet??

your problem. 😀

And through this posting, i’ll convey my.. errr.. stupidity creativity.

I hope you’ll enjoy this. Haha


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