Fluent In Frolicking

As part of my desire to show you all that long term travel doesn’t have to cost a fortune I am presenting you with the third part of this series….

Bali the “Island of the Gods.” The mere mention of Bali brings images of bronzed surfers, beautiful sunsets, an endless stream of Bintang, and more shades of green than box of Crayola markers. You only get 30 days with a visa on arrival. Which for me was not nearly enough. I plan to return to Indonesia to explore more of the islands and to one day make my way to Komodo to see the dragons. The smile of the Balinese is contagious.



I spent a total of 30 days there and my total cost was $957.66 USD.  Average Daily Spending = $31.92 USD.



The Breakdown is as Follows (USD):

Lodging:  $238.14 / Daily Average $7.94

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pahamin bahwa smw org punya masa PASANG-SURUTnya. ada kalanya compang-camping, ada kalanya flamboyan. Tgantung kita bsa nerima keadaan yg spt ap... View all posts by desisonia

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